Asuna is a loving girl, who would do anything for the person she loves more than anything. She's loyal and loving, treasure her at any cost. Because once you've lost her its very hard to get her back.
"My dog is like an Asuna"
by kirito April 07, 2014
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asuna is smart beatuiful girl who is first shy but then real cool and she has big tits
asuna is awesome
by vhisohiohfishfio March 25, 2014
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A brave , independent, beautiful woman. Who would do anything for the ones she loves. But hesitate to strike against her enemies.
Asuna is so brave. She truly does care about the one she loves
by Sao_Survivor September 29, 2018
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Asuna is the waifu of Kirito in the Anime Sword Art Online. Asuna is also a divine god and best waifu!
I love Asuna.
Asuna is from one of the best anime's ever.
by KiritoBest November 01, 2018
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She is not afraid to act tough and cold towards anyone, but if you get to know her you'll find she has an incredibly sweet and loving personality too.
"Asuna Yuuki needs to stop bossing me around"
by Allura13 December 18, 2016
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Pp 1 : "Yo, Have you seen ASUNA??"
Pp 2 : "Yes, she is so HOT!!"
Pp 3 : " Asuna is hot asf!"
by elioe10029 October 09, 2021
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A simple, fast and useful Telegram Groups Management Bot which made by Yoga Pranata.

Asuna Robot is build with Pyrogram, Telethon, PTB with SQLAlchemy and MongoDB as Database.

Designed with Asuna Yuuki theme from Sword Art Online Anime, make it suitable for Anime Chatting Group.
A: Did you know Asuna Robot?
B: Hey are they any bots with anime theme?
C: This bot is very simple of use.
by zYxDevs November 15, 2021
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