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The expulsion of air from a rectum after anal sex.
An assqueef occurs when an object, usually a penis, creates a vacuum of air inside the rectum, and continues building up pressure, until audible release is inevitable. Note that an assqueef is not a fart.
Jerome coughed loudly to drown out his assqueef as sam pulled out.
by Master Funao July 03, 2006
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release of air during anal sex
mr. bailey ass queefed while his hairy boy friend ass rammed him.
by pound dat pussy June 24, 2007
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when a girl tries to blame a fart during sex as a queef usually to no avail because of the smell
what was that
just a queef keep going
since when have your queefs smelt like ass and muffins I'm calling Ass queef! (leave room)
Awww i wasnt finished. Where's that Carrot
by watthefrukbitch May 01, 2009
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Pretty much, just another word for a fart. If you want to be more immature about it, just use the word Ass queef.
Fu*king A! Why did you have to fuggin release your ass queef right in my face! Fu*k!
by Tits McGee *bitch* August 31, 2006
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Typically, when a person has flatulence they would call it a “fart”. Here, in Atown (aka Anacortes, aka fagtown) we call these ass queefs.
*at mcdonald’s drive thru*
kelsey- “can i get two ass queef cones”
intercom- “sorry what?”
kelsey- “oops sorry i meant ice cream cones”
*proceeds to pay with dimes*

dude 1- “bro dude we were smashing and she wanted me to go up the butt and she totally ass queefed all over my cock”
dude 2- “what the fuck”
by assqueef757 October 10, 2019
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