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1. term used to define an asshole pole
2. term used when someone has a huge Polish sausage
1. hey you asspole go back to Poland
2. man you have a freacking huge ass asspole
by LamoTrig March 06, 2008
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1) Person who has ass with pole in it. Most times fags or metrosexuals.

2) In games, can be used as another term for raped.

3) Someone who is an asshole.
1) Billy is gay. He got asspoled last night by Bubba.

2) "Damn man you got asspoled last round!"

3) Dave was being an asspole yesterday.
by Fernandez January 16, 2006
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the stick you shove up the muppets butt to make it dance
Listen up, don't make me kick you in the asspole!

Dance muppet, shake that asspole!

Girl Muppet says to other girl muppet : "Damn...didja see the size of his asspole?"
by DaBomb.Com(the original) February 02, 2010
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An object that enjoys back passages.
The only person I work with who isn't an ass pole is my manager - he just keeps the rest of them up his ass.
by Yuen July 18, 2004
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