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A slightly swolen hemmorhoid protucing from the anal crack. Raw and red, it resembles a nipple protruding from the butt crack.
Solomon had a hard time pushing his hot dog stand down main street because each step produced uncomfortable friction from his jean pants to his assnipple.
by Barden Winstead February 09, 2004
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A person who has no idea what the hell he is talking about, but claims he is an expert in the subject. He talks down to others claiming he knows all, until he gets shut down hard.
Hi tech support? I am an IT professional and my internet doesn’t work! You better fix this NOW.

OK sir, are you using a static or dynamic IP address?

I don’t know what that means; just get my internet working ASAP!

OK, sir... you are an Ass Nipple!
by Ty Lanol July 26, 2005
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A fairly simple matter of a nipple on someone's asscheek.
Look at those assnipples!
by Arfalarf January 28, 2004
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When the world gets too creative with half-assed names, you just think of a simple one.
Sam: Username= Ass
This username is taken
Sam: Umm... Username = AssNipple
This username is accepted
Sam: :)
by PaTheHead July 06, 2014
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