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absurd variation of the infinite number of "ass+noun/verb" formulaic constructions commonly found on message forums: assmuppet, assnog, asswipe, assgoblin, etc.

Later taken as a mantra by the Taleban Thread Krew of

May be ordered from a "hatmonger".
do0D ~ you're a total asshelmet!
by zem January 11, 2005
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when you sit on somebodys face until its stuck in your ass
hold him down while i give him an ass helmet
by brian November 01, 2004
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Formerly an insult used to infer that a person was so stupid, they had their head up their ass, making it a hat or helmet. Asshat is the more commonly known adjective.

Today asshelmet refers to a poster who frequents the message forum who, shortly around 9/11 adopted the term to refer to themselves.

They decided to adopt the insult and own it as a badge of pride, refusing to give into PC mindthink about how America deserved to have 9/11 happen.

Currently asshelmets is a haven for free speech and self-expression that most message boards will not allow.

Asshelmets is the Internet's premiere center of morality. We have architected and blueprinted new paradigm shifts moralitywise.
Who they hell are these freaks and where did they come from?


Oh, those guys? They're asshelmets...
by DammitBoy! March 03, 2007
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When someone's ass is so hairy, it looks like their ass is wearing a helmet.
Donnie took off his pants at the Bucs game and his friends asked him if that was a football helmet or just an ass helmet.
by Wild Bor January 07, 2009
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1)A description used for when a girl sits on your face. IE; it looks like you have on an ass helmet 2)When you pull your dick out of an ass and it has some shit on the tip.
1) She gave me an ass helmet!
2) DAMN! She gave me an ass helmet!
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