asscave was the original image of a woman's gaping asshole, scattered with nearly a dozen clitoral piercings, while her rosey red fingernail polish shined brightly on her hands that were spreading her ass. this legendary image was found years before goatse images started even appearing. a quick google image search for this name should produce results.
that's a disgusting picture, is it goatse? no it's asscave.
by grindking September 14, 2007
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the process of digging something out of one's ass, the act of dislodging a wedgie from the recesses of one's butt cheeks.
That guy is totally asscavating his wedgie.
by K-Lube March 13, 2006
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the space in your ass where one would hide ones drugs during smuggling or even hiding a shank in prison.
yo carl you got the coke? yeah one minute Lennie lemme get it out my asscavity!
by kaymo.mo15 January 23, 2010
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