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to line up the ass hole directly on a person's nose and to sit down abruptly while the person is sleeping, high, or being held down by other people.
Dude hold down Kip and i'll give him an assbath!
by George W. Bush April 24, 2003
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The act of sticking your ass on the bath faucet, so then the water can spill down you spine, into your ass, and then through your ballsack into the bathtub.
John: OMG this AssBath feels so good

Greg: Its also great for cleaning the shit out of your ass
by LolMan February 05, 2012
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v. - to smother someone's face with your bare ass; thus bathing them with your ass.
Kip was being stupid so I gave him an assbath.
by Anonymous April 22, 2003
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