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/æs ɪʧ/

To describe people who intentionally create chaos out of pure boredom.
A word to describe some man just wanna watch the world burn

A Cantonese Colloquial, commonly used in Hong Kong.

People in Hong Kong believe that one starts to scratch one's ass when one has nothing to do. So when people claim that their ass itches or when people start to scratch their ass, people in Hong Kong will assume that they're bored and that they have nothing to do. As time goes by, ass scratching becomes unsatisfying to those who asses itch. They then start to do things that could be chaotic to other people for absolutely no reason.
A: Dude, why would you create definition for a made up word on this itch in the ass website!?
B: Because my ass itches 🌝

A: Did you have an itch in the ass? Why did you offset this one tile on the bathroom floor? You're ruining the whole pattern!
B: 🌝
A: Stop making that ass itching face!
by jft9356 June 30, 2017
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An itching of the anus, usually caused by poor hygiene, sometimes the result of inferior toilet paper.
"I had to use the cheap single-ply toilet paper at work and now I have ass itch. "
by Baver March 18, 2014
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