means you are a fucking idiot
indicates you like to eat ass
I'm not lending you five bucks ass munch
by Pat N April 17, 2003
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An asshole without the attitude or agressiveness. A derogatory term to describe someone of useless ability and questionable intelligence.
Jim turned down a date with a lingerie model because he had to study for finals, thereby proving that he is a complete and utter assmunch.
by NB March 12, 2003
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a person who is jackassing or being a dumbass, an ass muncher, or a retard
by Evan Macias June 11, 2005
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Verb - to perform the act of eating out someone's asshole. Also known as salad tossing.
Once in a while I like to get freaky and ass munch my ole lady.
by Ceefine March 1, 2004
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Girl1: did you see who that looser kid was tring to hang out with today?
Girl2: ya. what an ass munch...
by Lord Fartsalot April 1, 2006
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