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Some one who unbeknownst to them is hated by all due to their stupidity, constant ability to be conveniently where you are at any given time, overly available, lacking a personality, a douche, a duck, stage 5 clincher, desperation friends even shun this person. They are like an irritating shadow that just never knows when to go the Fuck home, or die off....even when invited blatantly to do so. This person sucks and is the ass of everyone's joke, the third unwanted wheel and destined to masturbate alone to the sci-fi channel with a pint of cherry Garcia ice cream in their parents house until they are over 40 years old. No one cares, notices or cries when this person dies, disappears or moves away....they celebrate, clap, and smile all day long when this happens. People try to set this person on fire or back over them with vehicles. People's moms are the only friend of an ass gnat. I don't know why but moms love that shit.
Caleb is such a fucking ass gnat, I couldn't get rid if him if I tried.
by Ihateyourfacedaily85 January 22, 2015
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a name given to someone who never ceases to annoy me
YOU: Hey dude!
YOU: Hey man!
YOU: Dude!
YOU: Dude, hey!
YOU: Dude look!
by BOSS HOSS January 07, 2008
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when someone follows you around nonstop and/or copy’s your every day style
chloé copy’s my style she needs to stop being an assgnat
by treefarts June 07, 2018
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