A total "cluster fuck" of an occurance; ie a "bag of smashed assholes", a "soup sandwich".
The game turned into a complete fucking ass carnival once it started snowing.
by JonTuna December 2, 2007
When one fills their sexual partner’s ass to the brim with whipped cream and then preceeds to suck it all out.
When questioned about his favorite activity, the man simply said he liked to “eat ass (carnival style)”.
by The Enticing Encyclopedia October 14, 2017
Carnival ass is a condition in which a mid western woman or maybe as far North as montana, is wearing white pants or shorts that develop stains from sitting on dirty carnival rides all day. Other antagonists may include dirty fingers, a rare case of mud butt, and in some cases spilled boxed wine that mite have been sat on. On rare occasions someone will go pantyless and you can catch some rough and curlies poking out the front.
Man, did you see that moms dirty ass getting of that coaster? Yeah. Looks like she shitter self. White pants sure are sexy tho. Good ol' Carnival ass
by Ivan barrister August 22, 2021