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While taking a lage dump, and it is too big to push out completely, you can cut it in half with your ass blades (aka anus).
My poo was so large and hurt so bad coming out I had to cut it in half with my ass blades.
by Devon+Susan May 07, 2006
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A device commonly used in prison for the prevention of anal rape typically constructed of broken lunch trays fastend to the end of a writing or eating utensils that is then inserted into the anal cavity with the sharp end pointed directly out of the canal.
"Yo, you got dat ass-blade?" "I'll trade you ten cigs for dat ass-blade." "Jimmy, Big Dom come see you last? Yeah, he on it every night by now. Shit, you need to get dat ass-blade."
by Motorboat and a Mohawk February 24, 2014
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