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A very outgoing person. That has a lot to say. She like make sure she is heard. She a gorgeous girl with a big booty. Take a lot to embrass this girl in public. She like to speak her mind and what is on it. A very good friend and likes to help when she can.
hey i like aspyn.
by billy bob jr. January 15, 2009
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Aspyn is a name for a girl who is simply drop dead gorgeous!
She loves being outside and around nature. She is a people pleaser who is only happy when the people around her are. But at the same ti,e she tends to hide her sad emotions because she does not want to make other people sad. She is extremely loyal but finds it hard to trust people completely. In total girls who are named Aspyn are loyal, outdoorsy and absolutely stunning not just by her face but her who,e body is simply perfect!
Wow she’s almost as good As Aspyn
by Halllogurl24 May 27, 2018
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A man that everybody loves that will also continue to flub chub till the end of time.
That guy is a total Aspyn, there is no doubt.
by zodde August 20, 2011
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Aspyn is very smart and beautiful and in A lot of different ways . She is not very hard to get to make friends with . She has two siblings that are older than her and their names are Madison and Shane . Madison is 15 and Shane is 13 Madison was born March 14, 2002 and Shane was born March 22, 2004 . I know I am talking a lot about her siblings not Aspyn. Aspyn was born November 15, 2007 and she is nine years old. She is very kind and generous to other people.she can also have a good side in a bad side so try not to get on her bad side.
Hey want to go to Aspyn's house .
by Umpalumpa December 14, 2017
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