grading a woman's face low, but her ass-a-nine
I'll give her face a two, but her asinine.
by Travis "Stitch" March 23, 2007
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Nine Asses

Ass to the ninth degree

Ass to the power nine.

Much more Assy than Ass-A-Two

A nine tailed fox is asinine - and so is my boss.
by 39tmzz1f7k October 08, 2008
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the idea that out of nine people one of them will be a jackass
Well, there's one asinine.
by Gavin September 08, 2004
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1. Adjective describing one who is very ignorant.

2. Rating on one's ass.
1. That stupid shit who cut me off has to be pretty damn asinine to consider doing it again.

2. I'll give her face a two...and her ass a nine/asinine.
by doomsong123 March 24, 2007
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