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a mom who is a bitch and would do anything to control you and she always nags about your studies and she is always like spend money on cheap stuff for you especially. she is hypocrite she resorts to hitting when you refuse to litsen to her. There are three things she like to do you:
1.she bitch slaps or hits you with passion.
2.she makes you work ridiculously hard to get your license.
3.she likes to punish you for bullshit and ridicoulus things such as not doing a problem for homework.
asian mom:you need finish this problem?
son:no mom
asian mom: your not getting your license tommorrow if don't finish this!!!
son's thought: wow she is a bitch!!!
by rocketman12345 August 04, 2009
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Asian mom is probably the strictest mom of them all. If you lost a single thing, they won't think, it's okay, I will help you find it, they will think, WHAT? YOU LOST IT? And if they are mad, they really mean it when they hit you or slap you or point you in the middle of your head, which is bad because that might destroy brain cells, which would make you more stupid, which would cause your asian mom to shout at you more and more often. So, basically, they bring on trouble by themselves. Why can't they just calmly talk and be like other moms? HUH?
M: Where's your agenda?
You: Uh. I lost it.
M: WTF you lost it? Well, you *jabs you in the head* are grounded for one year! How can you lose the most important thing in school?
When she's gone
You: Sigh, Asian Mom..
by XxDarkmoonxX March 31, 2017
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