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Refers to the strong attraction to asians, most prevelant in caucasian males. Although asian girls have A's in more than just grades: what they lack in boobs, they make up for in beauty. Usually exotic and petite, guys don't necessarily feel superior but more masculine around them, only adding to this.
She told me she had a long and hard homework assignment ahead of her but after she was done "doing" it, she'd "do" something else long and hard--which not only greatly increased my penis size temporarily when she followed through, but my asian fetish as well.

After quizzing my asian friend in her room, alone, I told her she'd score on the upcoming test, and she responded with "now you get to score on me"-- my asian fetish had never been more.
by amgoldberg December 31, 2005
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a sexual attraction to asian females by white males. contrary to public opinion, there is nothing racist or wrong with this as it is an example of outbreeding behavior.
Rice King: damn, I just played a japanese video game with asian girls wearing skimpy costumes and I need to masturbate to satisfy my asian fetish!
by Phil the Pill September 05, 2006
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Refers to attractions to asian women. Caucasian men are more likely to have asian fetish because they feel the want to be dominant since that asian women stands out as submissive. It's their exotic appearance that attracts the more masculine men.

There is nothing wrong with asian fetish, but there is something wrong with hating the asian guys when you love the asian women. This ussually happens because of jealousy, and they take actions because they don't really want to admit it. Am I not right?
Jake - " I don't know why, but I seem to only love asian girls"

John - " You just have the asian fetish"
by feedbackryan July 22, 2009
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The preference for pretty, elegant, traditional, respectful girls from countries where men are still respected over whining, androgynous, arrogant girls from countries being destroyed by feminism.
I wonder if Ben has an Asian fetish, that's the second Asian I've seen him on a date with.

You mean Suzy? The polite pretty feminine girl that shares his interests and looks after her health, who wants to be a good mother and wife?

Yeah, her. I can't see what he sees in her. She isn't an alcoholic party-animal who wants equality and special treatment simultaneously.

Yeah, it must be an Asian fetish. Either that or he's unable to get a real woman.
by Wise_Old_Owl February 02, 2012
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1.) A fetish that socially awkward and/or unattractive white men develop after years of rejection from white women.

2.) It's consider the mirror equavalent of fat white girls, who have been rejected by caucasian men, developing a fetish for black men.
After years of rejection from white females, nerdy but lovable, Fred Eisenberg, finally resorted to dating an asian girl and now is said to have an asian fetish.
by roninemae December 26, 2011
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