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To not get an A in a class. Some asians hold themselves to high standards, and anything less than an A is considered "failing".
A term often used at thomas jefferson.
omg! i asian failed that physics test and got a B+... now I'll never get into NOVA
by the PlNK August 17, 2005
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Getting a test score below 90%.

With the possibilty of being dissowned by your asian parents.

Usually used by girls in mostly asian schools (eg: mac.rob).
Girls talking:

girl 1 (asian): omg!! i got 88% on my maths test!!!

girl 2(asian): omg!! that's soo bad!!

girl 3(white): *sighs* asian fail...

girl 1(asian):my mum's gonna kill - i got real shit on my test!!!

girl 2(asian): i know!! 88% is my worst score EVER!!! we've sooo failed...
by zabiiy March 04, 2009
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any grade under 90
Asian kid:"Mom, I asian failed my test"
Asian mom: "what did you get?"
Asian kid: "An 88"
by holler8888889 January 17, 2009
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When an asian doesn't get an A on an assignment/test/class.
Asian kid #1: Ah crap, I failed.
Asian Kid #2: Fail or Asian fail?
Asian kid #1: B+, Asian fail.
by Gaz3rock May 26, 2009
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Asian fail: (v) The act of asian failing is getting a B+ in any class, particularly math. It usually results in massive asswhupping by angry asian parents.
Ellen: Xiao Min asian failed math!
Matt: Her parents are gonna kill her. Plus, what kind of asian fails MATH?
by The Goat Burner May 08, 2008
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When an asian fails to recieve extra credit that does not exist on top of a perfect score. Anything less than above a 100%
Asian Child: Look Mom, I got a 100% on this test!
Asian Mom: Why is it only a 100%?
Asian Child: Well this was the highest possbile score I could earn.
Asian Mom: What about extra credit? WHY DIDN'T YOU ANSWER IT?
Asian Child: There was no extra credit!

by E.Z Asian April 30, 2010
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The failure to fit the studious math-loving stereotypes of an asian when you are an asian.
Mr. Brandt: Isaac read your answer

Isaac (asian): Umm, the uh blastopore becomes a, uh-

Mr. Brandt: No, you're answering wrong question, pay attention!

Entire Class: ASIANFAIL!!!
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