An individual who consumes gravy by the pint whilst oggling ladies and rubbing his thighs in a disturbing matter.
I went to the cafe for Roast beef au jus, but this pretty young thing sat down opposite, next thing I know, Im doing the Ashman
by Noomz May 08, 2007
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Put simply a person with terribly breath, the kind of breath that could kill you.
David: "I met a woman at the bar yesterday"
Corey: "oh yeah? what's she like?

David: "i won't be seeing her again shes nice but her breath stinks real bad"
corey: "an ashman then?"
by sarutak October 16, 2011
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Popular sex move developed in Whistler Canada.
Whilst during anal sex the gentleman reaches around and stuffs the females mouth with snow, upon his release he pats the butthole with more snow to make it pucker up tighter
Jenna and I went out for a nice walk in the snow last night, things got heated and I ended up performing the Dirty Ashman on her
by Noomz May 08, 2007
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scumbag, uses woman for there money , junkie, things his shit dont stink, treats women like shit, worthless, loves fat chicks, small and crooked penis, loosy tattoos all over him, cheater, abuser, thief,
Watch out he will do a Kevin Ashman to you
by kvnashman June 13, 2009
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