When you can't do shit because your muse is on vacation. It doesn't matter how hard you try nothing worthy will come out.

What you don't want to get when you are in the middle of a project with a dead line.

Having no inspiration when need it.
I had to turn in that commission piece I was working on but I got an artist block that lasted for 2 weeks :(
by everylittlelie July 22, 2009
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Also known as an 'art block', a usually random occurence in which one loses inspiration and motivation to draw. See Writer's Block
Ugh, I'm in an artist's block right now and I don't feel like drawing my comissions =_=
by MonElisa September 15, 2007
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1) A Creative Block normally associated with artistic endeavors.

2) That moment when you're happily being creative with art and suddenly run out of inspiration.

3) Usually occurs at a time when you need all the inspiration you can.

4) A very annoying wall that shows up when you don't want it, but can sometimes leave a particularly productive streak in its wake.

5) A common representation of Artist Block is a 'usually' large stone branded, engraved, or otherwise marked with the words "artist block".
1) Damn it. This Artist Block won't let me finish my picture!

2) I was almost done with this awesome picture when Artist Block came and sucker punched me in the stomach. Now I can't seem to get the energy to finish it.

3) Person 1: Hey, how is that project you were working on?

Person 2: It was going fine until Artist Block shut the door on my muse. I haven’t seen him in weeks.

4) I finally got past my Art Block, and now I'm more productive than ever!
by Silaer November 25, 2011
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When you can’t get an idea of what to draw or paint. Your mind is in a complete blank.
Every artist gets an Artist Block at some point in there life.
by Themostawesomekid June 21, 2020
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