1 definition by Silaer

1) A Creative Block normally associated with artistic endeavors.

2) That moment when you're happily being creative with art and suddenly run out of inspiration.

3) Usually occurs at a time when you need all the inspiration you can.

4) A very annoying wall that shows up when you don't want it, but can sometimes leave a particularly productive streak in its wake.

5) A common representation of Artist Block is a 'usually' large stone branded, engraved, or otherwise marked with the words "artist block".
1) Damn it. This Artist Block won't let me finish my picture!

2) I was almost done with this awesome picture when Artist Block came and sucker punched me in the stomach. Now I can't seem to get the energy to finish it.

3) Person 1: Hey, how is that project you were working on?

Person 2: It was going fine until Artist Block shut the door on my muse. I haven’t seen him in weeks.

4) I finally got past my Art Block, and now I'm more productive than ever!
by Silaer November 25, 2011
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