Tall with dimples flirty with words good dick always keep big money on him all the females think he's a snack
by Ms.ivy March 14, 2017
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A man of the wild. Used to hunt in Kings Canyon years before our time. You can often hear his call in the wind's breeze... "He's one shot"
He's one shot!

Uh no he wasn't. Lol you pulled an Artez
by Kyamites- June 20, 2019
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He is a great youtuber and person.He has a channel called flamingo , and is a great person overall.
Have you heard of a guy called Albert Artez he is amazing!
by Scpcreepystalker September 24, 2020
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When Artez does something.
That was a real Artez Moment
by Trashiness November 7, 2020
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Some random dude on the internet making content that is way less entertaining than when he used to rip timmies spine out but he is ok
Kid1: have you heard of Albert artez?
Kid2:yeah I guess but he used to be better when he ripped timmies spine out
by March 15, 2022
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