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College devoted to the arts- and the general study of subjects such as fine art, graphic design, illustration, textiles, 3d/games design, philosophy, music etcetera. Art college is a surreal haven for artistically diverse folk, recreational drug users and enthusiasts, spontaneous philosophical discussion during lectures, and those wishing to escape the task of repeating what is esentially another two years of high school condensed into a standard college semester. Art college is unique- nothing more, nothing less. There is nothing more commonplace at an art college than to be unique or different, and there is a decreased tendency to discriminate against diverse or eccentric students, as most possess a creative streak of artistically inclined traits or attributes. Those who don't, will sure enough have some by the time they leave. Because of their nature art colleges have a high leniancy and acceptance towards creativity, artistic pursuits, and not to forget- the drugs. A good majority, if not a vast majority of all art students have tried a recreational substance (me included :), mainly those of the hallucinogen/psychedelic category. Although this is not always the case, drug use or enthusiasm is fairly commonplace at art college, if not a potential rite of passage. Saying this however- not everyone have taken substances. There are those who do, have done, aspire to, or simply haven't. The bottom line is, expect someone you meet there to have done something (lord knows I have :P).
Those who enter art college usually leave with an increased passion for artistic pursuits or careers, awareness of the finer things in life, and generally value the time they studied there. The best darn college there is- no contest :)
If you ever need an excuse to- consume copius amounts of recreational drugs :), pursue a more interesting and artistic career direction, or simply meet loads of great people who won't chastise you for being different... then go to art college- you wont regret it ;)
by Firelovesugar February 08, 2009
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A place where:

1. They overcharge you to learn things on your own.
2. Play youtube tutorials on a large projector or upload videos to you.
3. Go over material too fast outside of youtube tutorials.
4. Expect you to buy over-priced books you will never be required to use.
5. Force you to retake those ridiculous general education classes from high-school all over again.
6. 99% of them wont give you real world experience with clients during your stay.
7. Waste your time by giving you 90% of class time to work in class when you could just work from home for free.
8. Teachers who don't know an answer to your question will tell you to google for the answer.

Then after you can't find a job in the field because it's a rough industry, good luck on paying off your debt. Art college is something you should never go to. Build up your profile, learn from youtube tutorials, and get to meet people in the industry on your own time, and save yourself 4 years of your life and $50,000.
The Illinois Institute of Art - Schaumburg
Or any other art college
by Mr. Whiskers the Brave March 26, 2013
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