1.- Ignorant high schoolers/teenagers that (ironically) think they know it all.
-Girl Who Takes Life Too Seriously: You're not "mature" enough for my standards.
-Average Joe: Shut up you arrogant bitch.
by Call me CoCoNUT April 03, 2008
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Anyone who acknowledges their victory in an internet argument and or feels the need to state that they are right.
Douchebag: BVB savd mah lyfe! Anyone who says they suck is a hater and should go kill themselfs!!
Normal person: Wow, how arrogant. How idiotic. Comments like this are the reason my faith in humanity died long ago.
Douchebag: Bitch ur just a stupid hater!!
Normal person: Really? You're telling me anyone who doesn't like what you like should kill themselves? Well then that's disapointing i must say.
Douchebag: Kill urself
Normal person: Wow, obvious troll is obvious. You're masturbating to this i can tell. People like you need to be put in a mental institution.
Douchebag: hah fuk u calling me a troll. ur basicaly saying "i win"
Its da same thing!
Normal person: *silence*
Douchebag: Y does no1 say im right? *blows own head off with 12 gauge*

And that my friends, is what arrogance is.
by Satan Clawz November 24, 2014
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A guy with an enormous amount of self confidence who considers himself extremely funny and believes he is the center of the world. He thinks that Apple and Microsoft will go out of business by 05/05/2015. ough.
"Arrogant" was in Boston.
by asd007 October 05, 2010
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Someone who is stuck up their own ar$e
Person one: 'Have you met Loz?'
Person two: 'Ohhh f**k yes. He's so arrogant!'
by Pluto. June 17, 2007
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Pretty much somebody who believes they are better than everybody else.
Why do white people have a need to be arrogant, when they have no special talent?
I am a chinese man born in America, working for a white CEO bossman. I am actually smarter than him, but he is good at lying and bullshitting to sell products that actually don't do what he claims they will do. I can never see myself blantantly lie to make money, it is below my principles even to make money. I will never stoop so low as my CEO, that is probably why I am not a CEO, you have to not have integrity to do the job here in the USA. I also notice that white people value being arrogant because that is an external facade they put up to tell others they are strong. Personally, I think their mentality is insecure and phony and I would have none of it in my friends. One, day I set a trap for my CEO to step into in front of his clients so I can show the CHinese clients, who the phony is and what he is trying to do to sell bad product to my countrymen. As a result, phony white CEO fires me. But lucky for me, the Chinese clients appreciated what I did to protect them, and they gave me a job to go work in china as a buyer of american products. Because I have a nose for phoney white people selling trash.

(from yahoo answers)
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Stupid people with confidence. People who think they are smarter and better than everyone else, yet are totally stupid in what they say and do.
Tommy arrogantly yelled at me to turn off the water and called me a dumbass, AFTER he had shut off the main line to the house...DUH. Can't run water when it's been shut off....stupid people!
by Suadee October 19, 2005
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