Someone who has a high opinion of themself and has SMS(Small Man Syndrome) real bad and needs a good hit around the chops
Jimmy is arrogant and someone should wack him one!!!
by Lofty-O May 14, 2008
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1. Concerned with surface attributes only.

2. One of several adjectives that perfectly describes a yuppie or a soccer mom. See also vulgar, annoying, and shallow.
Trent is an arrogant yuppie who thinks he can drive safely while blathering into a cell phone.
by Bumkicker Slade April 30, 2005
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When a person that is 5'1 or 5'2 in height constantly says how smart he is and how his bachelors degree in computer science is the highest degree over all the other degrees. This person braggs and boast on a daily basis on how he's smarter than his coworkers, peers and even his boss and that people are always jealous of him. He braggs daily on how he was a football star in college and compares daily life events to his football days which was over 15 years ago. As he compares his past life accomplishments he taunts at the person he's talking to telling them they wouldn't know because they don't have a high degree like him and don't understand how it is to be a football player. This person will flirt with a woman thinking that she wants him when she's really extremely annoyed by his physical appearance and his arrogant attitude. The truth about a person like this is after finding out he has poor hygiene, his home life is nasty with trash, clothes and food all over the place, inside of his car is filthy with trash, clothes, blankets and junk all in it, he has bed bugs and he don't like to bathe. This is a person that has not only emotional issues but also mental as he tries to cover it up with putting everyone else down and thinking he's better than everyone. Very insecure and emotionally unstable and women uses him only for his money since he has incompetence issues in which he's even in denial about that but did admit before that this issue ruins all of his relationships.
The attendant was so arrogant that in order to get women's attention he started flashing cash so they would talk to him.
by Won't he do it? December 21, 2015
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American: *whips out gun* DIE FUCKIN ARROGNAT BASTARD
by mike toddddddd March 18, 2005
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A guy walks in a library with a bluetooth earpiece; talking loud. "damn he is arrogant."
by Flushurdeuch August 18, 2013
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