Arpa is a Swedish version of the verb of the word arp. In English (both American, British, Australian and Catholic) it would be simply "to arp" (see arping). Local variations may differ, and words such as "tooarp" or even something as utterly ridiculous as "twarp" may or may not enter some regional cognitive consciousness.
What are you doing in Italy with no money, no plan at all, not checking the destinations of the trains you get on and meeting somebody you don't even know for coffee (at his place)?

I'm arping! Or, in Swedish, Jag arpar runt! And everything is perfectly fine but not necessarily divinely harmonious!
by Mega-Arper January 16, 2009
A fat bitch who stays in her stays in her room all day long eats wendys and dreams about sucking bts jeon jungkook dick
friend: oh no your turning into a haylee arpa
by Hayleearpa March 4, 2019
Pokemon teacher: Lapras's full name is 'Lapras arpa s'
by random1234567889 February 16, 2022
Word mostly used in México refering to agreement. It can be used insted of "yes"
- Let's go to the mall ese.
- Arpa!.
by Zrwe January 27, 2012
Arpa, in Armenian means little Sun. Also it’s a name of a river in Armenia.
What is your Cousin name? Her name is Arpa she is as bright as Sun
by November 23, 2021