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Smart, caring, and determined woman. She is a great friend to have as she is loyal and trustworthy. Make her upset and it will be hard for her to forget.
by Kate66 December 22, 2016
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The sweetest cutest girl you'll ever meet. She is smart, beautiful,kind, and fashionable. You'll never meet anyone like her. Unforgettable, but self conscious. She doesn't know how much she's appreciated.she also has a little sass.
OMG arieanna you're beautiful.
Arieanna:no I'm not your just saying that because your prettier than me

No I'm not
Arieanna:we could do this all day...
by Gracieh May 26, 2018
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A stoner mama who takes no shit from anyone.
Boy1 thats arieanna .
Boy2 oh so she got some weed?
by papawapo January 13, 2017
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