Term used by Outlaw Bikers meaning "Oh go....." as in Oh go fuck yourself. Also added to that would be "NUNYA" Argo Nunya means Oh go fuck yourself, nunya bizness!
When someone asks you a personal question and you don't want to speak to him (as in the police) you would answer with argo
by zannan March 12, 2009
the key word in a classic "knock-knock" joke.
pat: knock-knock!
nat: who's there?
pat: argo.
nat: argo who?
by earpuller November 18, 2010
verb - to create an elaborate ruse in order to exfiltrate one's Chipotle burrito. One may substitute Chipotle burrito for any item of importance.
Until Bill approves my expense report I'm holding this burrito hostage.

He'll have to Argo this burrito back.
by bradycole October 19, 2012
Dumbass who lives in my dorm, full name Argo Roos
by Nameless April 21, 2005
A curly headed queen and she is clingy and obnoxious and can be crazy. Boys better watch out cause she is INDEPENDENT. PERIODT B🤪
That girl is such an argo
by Jdurorhf May 31, 2020
A Ship that sailed to get the golden fleece (Greek Mythology)
by Private October 23, 2003
Greek Mythology. The ship in which Jason sailed in search of the Golden Fleece.

Astrology. A constellation in the Southern Hemisphere.

On the Uk highstreet this is a pretty nasty shop where chavas buy awful gold jewellery and cheap widescreen Tv's. Also a stockist of cardboard like furniture.
I bought another fucking coffee table from Argos this week end, the last one partially dissolved when the lads spilt beer on it.

Check out me fucking dusters, mate. Anyone trys to slap me and I'll knock their fucking teetn out.
by dj_monged August 8, 2004