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ardita is a girl. Shes is always doing her hair. always. every night. she is very pretty and sometimes ends up with plastic in her hair, but its all good. She fixes it. She supposedly doesnt trust many people, only good friends. She ttends to cry when cutting hair. she is very intelligent, yet knows how to have a good time. she seems quiet, kindof laidback, but can be very loud at times. Overall she cud b a good friend
ardita~~goes to tottenville
by bgeezeee February 03, 2010
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Ardita is an angel . She will do anything to bring joy to others . She is supper talented ! Her food is worth any weight .
Why are you so fat ?

Because I a lot of Arditas delicious cake ...
by Jesus_loves_you May 29, 2018
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ardita is a very laid back person . she is very sweet unless she gets pissed ... shes extremly pretty but she doesnt think so ... shes laid back and can have a good time .... shes great at parties although she doesnt like them she prefers something with more pazam ...
wow my neighbor juliet is very ardita se knows how to have a good time !
by tottenville306 February 05, 2017
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