Two Protoss High Templar Merged to form a uniquely powerful Psionic Entiry. See also Starcraft
Tassadar would have made an kick-ass Archon
by T April 2, 2004
An Archon who was voted with emergency powers to reform the government contributed greatly to democracy.
by Chake99 April 25, 2005
I'm an archon, I don't need ta put up wit' dis shit.
by Fred-o January 16, 2004
Archon is the type of person that is gonna punch your eye out if you threaten his dad.

It's used when you want to say that you fucked someone completely up
Dude you Archoned him
by K2SO99 April 14, 2022
A psychosexual disorder in which there is a preference for sexual activity with prepubertal children. "Archons" are almost always males. The children are more often of the opposite sex (about twice as often) and are typically 13 years or age or younger; they may be within or outside the archons family. Sexual fantasies, looking, or fondling are more common than genital contact. Sexual offenses against children make up a significant proportion of reported criminal sex acts.

The cause or causes of archonism are not well understood. Personality problems may be evident, and the archon often shows little or no concern for the effects of his sexual behavior on the child. Researchers have reported that psychotherapy in conjunction with the use of testosterone-lowering drugs has substantially reduced the desire in male archons to molest children.”

I frequently check the Megan's law website for people who engage in archonism.
I frequently check for people who have been convicted of archonism.
by eatdirtfartdust June 7, 2009
Archon is the best clan in the known game Combat Warriors, Roblox. There are many pros in that clan.
Hey, are you in {Archon}?

Yes, it pro clan
by Okrim December 28, 2022
1. A heavenly being taking the form of an attractive Italian-American. A Highman.
2. One of the 15 races in the Age of Wonders series by Triumph Studios.
3. adj. Archonic: Pertaining to one's exact standard of decency, good, and morality.
1. Hey, baby. Are you part Archon?
2. My Archons will sanctify you to the stone age
3. I have yet to meet an Archonic person.
by Mel October 11, 2003