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A strong and humble guy. A gift to all he meets; and is just amazing. Great smile and pefect in all ways.....
arcadio will marry a betty
by bebe star December 24, 2009
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The practice of leaving out a letter (commonly 'h') at the beginning of words in order to sound "quirky". Sometimes mistaken for cockney, but it's not actually cockney. A practice started by 'e who must not be named.
Person 1: 'ey man, what's going on. I just ate a 'uge 'elping of 'am and stuffing.
Person 2: Stfu, Arcadio.
by Oldsmoboat's Law March 23, 2009
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one funny guy who can make you laugh for a decade. He is a ladies choice but will never propose. Be with him and enjoy the best moments of life.
He is simply one of the best you will ever meet in life.
You are my Arcadio.(you are my favorite)
The Arcadio me is yet to come.(the best in me is yet to come)
by Urban worldwide October 14, 2019
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