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Arawen is a very beautiful Filipino girl that makes the weirdest jokes and has a friend... best friend named Paulina NOT Polina. Bens usually don't like Paulinas. Arawen has short, black hair and is very dark and creepy. So is Paulina. Except Paulina has light brown or blond hair. Arawen at one point in her life knew a Maya. But Arawen got annoyed with Mayas and stuck to her better friends. Arawen has a high- pitched laugh and is very good at drawing but does not admit it. Arawen is a total gossip girl. ( if you ever meet a Thomas, bring him to Arawen )
If you EVER meet an Arawen, make sure you keep her.
Boy 1: Arawen is really nice
Boy 2: I know.. I'll ask her out
Thomas: Arawen is mine!!!
Paulina: all of you stay away from Arawen. You don't deserve her.
Ben: I hate Paulina
Paulina: shut up stupido
Ben: ha ha.
Paulina: (buttface)
by Tutifruity123 May 07, 2018
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