a fake of a name brand product
Yo you got them aqui polo boots
by cbkiscool February 26, 2011
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pass it here (with exclamination)
wherez the rhine? PAS AQUI!
by dondiddler June 25, 2008
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A phrase that is used in Spanish that means, "Hey Babe, come get with me for the night."
Man- "Tenemos Estamos Aqui"
Girl- "oh yeah!"
by santarosaduckboy November 3, 2011
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to concede defeat in a duel, leaving oneself at the mercy of one's opponent.
"I aquisioned the match, escaping with a black eye and a broken pistol, but surviving with my life."
by buskerpirate November 16, 2009
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A self improvement youtube who makes great content for you men from ages 15-30. His content focus on Nofap , Semen Retenention and God. He currently haves 1k subscribers at the moment but he will blow up!
RJ: Yo have you seen Aqui Thompson’s videos on YouTube? I can’t stop watching !
Rojas: Yeah I love his content it is great
Rj: He’s part of the mission team
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