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a high school located in a bad part of rochester NY where everybody gets shot and killed and where guidos from greece or the city go. they wear half buttoned up shirts with their chest hair hanging out with (fake) gold chains, gelled hair and other non-attractive attire. the girls are trashy whores and wear blue eyeshadow and way too much makeup. but everybody goes there because they think its the cool thing to do. its not cool at all
those kids at aquinas institute are trash
by anonymouss yo September 03, 2006
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Catholic co-ed high school in Rochester, NY, where you can share your one locker with three people!!! Personal space is hardly attainable when there isn't an inch of room to walk through the hallways. But Wegmans will keep giving them money so they can expand on their ridiculously small lot.
Ugh, this room is so cramped!

You think this is bad?! You should try going to Aquinas Institute!
by qwertybob123 December 16, 2008
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A school in Rochester, NY where the focus is all about sports and clubs. Anyone that falls outside that group is considered not the norm. A five o'clock shadow on a guy is unheard of and the girls that don't wear shirts without the proper ratio of a cotton blend there is only one word of advice: HELLO CITY! The student lot is filled with cars that cost more than the houses in that hood and the fee to park is enough to warrant valet service. All in all...a fine school, where you will find yourself saying that word cuz its best just to agree.
Mary: Did you want to meet me after practice?

Luigi: I can't, I have homework and have to wake up early to shave before school tomorrow. Oh snap, I forgot I'm on football team, I don't have to do any of that.

Mary: FINE - you didn't tell me you went to Aquinas Institute!
by Sir Bats Alot January 21, 2013
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