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1) Applied Science
2) A Piece of Shit
3) Advanced Placement Classes
1) Nerdy: "Aps is the application of knowledge from one or more natural scientific fields to solving practical problems"
ordinary guy: "oooh... shut the hell up fucking dorky!

2) "That porn website is really aps"

3) "Guess the school ur horny sister goes doesn't have aps, but you don't mind cuz she fucks the principal every day"
by Luciano McAllister January 17, 2008
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Music so good it could elicit sexual arousal.
The new We Came As Romans albums is chock full of bonerjams.
by lpvitus October 28, 2009
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Female, usually quiet but known for her slutty behaviour. Will sleep with her close friend's boyfriend and not feel guilty whatsoever. Dresses like a whore and lacks ambition. To never be trusted around other people's boyfriends.
girl 1: look at Aps and Stacey's man
girl 2: OMG I thot her and Stacey were bestfriends
girl 1: Aps doesn't give a fuck she is a whore
by angry-stacey July 11, 2011
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1) Alabama Press Syndicate

2) A Piece of Sh*t
1) "APS is an independent news service providing content to print, radio and internet news outlets."

2) Modern media.
by Jean Mikeal July 17, 2008
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Acute Pussy Syndrome.

A tendency of a person in which they claim to be ready to do something, (i.e get with a girl,) and back out of the situation for no apparent reason.
A: Dude, Jimmy was with Theresa last night and she's been telling everyone she would fuck him in a second.
D: I know man, but he never takes up an opportunity like that, he's got APS.
by poolu April 03, 2009
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1)noun Originally means Applied Science. In recent years, APS=A Piece of Shit.
"Damn, i have APS this term!"
by M.L. the Smart October 07, 2006
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Angry Pretend Sleeper

An Angry Pretend Sleeper is someone who is attempting to and indeed pretending to sleep whilst a group of people are carrying in a social fashion and at a disruptive volume in the same room as or near to this person. In such a situation, the APS pretends to be asleep so as not to be perceived as a "party pooper", but is all the while exhausted, exasperated, and fuming, feeling increasingly bitter resentment towards those depriving them of rest. Eventually the APS will fall asleep out of pure mental and emotional exhaustion, but not before angrily and involuntarily eavesdropping on any number of pointless, unfunny drunken proclamations.
After noisily fiddling with the door lock for five minutes, the fellas finally burst into the living room back at the house, where they proceeded to have a nightcap and another hour or two of pleasant conversation and storytelling. About ten minutes in, the gentlemen realized that their friend and cohort Corey was sleeping on an air mattress a few feet away. Nevertheless, they continued their jovial gathering, as Corey quickly transitioned into full APS mode, never once breaking character.
by Josuv May 27, 2013
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