Anti personal Mine=A Pussy Mine, Used in Battle Field 2142 by Snipers who cant shoot people so they plant mines miles away from them to get their kills.
PLayer 1: Ok guys, we're gonna rush the tower! everyone follow me through the door! *rushes into door* BOOM

Player 2: *on the other side of the map* "lawl lawl I just killed another person with my Apm! Hey mom! look I'm ranked number one in the server! and mom, while your here can you sign me up for neopets?
by Snoogy March 24, 2007
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A term from the game Team Fight Tactics that describes someone with low actions per minute.
Imagine not rolling down 60 gold in a 30 seconds, it must be the Boomer APM
by Azewilous December 10, 2019
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the APMS
Appliance Mesurments System

When your friends or family asks how long something is and you say it's as long as several or a number of an appliances, like a toaster ,a fridge,or a washing machine

Because you dont want to remember cm,inchs,ft,or yards.

Sinkhole in Kansas is as big as 6 or 7 washing machines.

Mom:how big is that sink hole on the news

Dad:The news used apms they said its as long as 6-7 washing machines which is like 3 and a half fridges

Mom:oh i see thats pretty bad if a sinkhole hope no one gets hurt
by Asroyal D Sagittarius August 20, 2019
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