1. A woman with tits of low quality, being in that they may be extremely long and flat, or spread out when they are not confined by a bra.

2. A woman with tits resembling those of a primate at the zoo.
"Eww, that girl just flashed her ape tits at us!"
"With ape tits like that she should be in a zoo."
by totally not gay pirate February 10, 2006
An adjective to describe a situation that was less awesome than anticipated; much like seeing a naked individual with ape tits rather than totally bitchin' tits.
"I was super excited to see The Hulk after all the hype about it, but that movie was totally ape tits! It didn't even blow me."

I thought that Mufasa was alive. Nope. It was just Chuck Testa with another realistic mount. Straight up ape tits.
by wBrynn November 15, 2011
Burt Reynolds, on SNL's Celebrity Jeopardy, mispronounced "A Petit Dejunier"
by Anonymous July 7, 2003
An ape tit is a relatively dumb male who constantly annoys the hell out of you. He commits random acts of stupidity all day. One can describe an ape tit as a douche bag but not bright enough to understand. Once someone is dubbed an ape tit, you can refer to him as an ape tit or just ape tit.
"Stop fucking pushing me you goddamn ape tit!"
"Ape Tit, stop fucking pushing me."