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An adjective to describe a situation that was less awesome than anticipated; much like seeing a naked individual with ape tits rather than totally bitchin' tits.
"I was super excited to see The Hulk after all the hype about it, but that movie was totally ape tits! It didn't even blow me."

I thought that Mufasa was alive. Nope. It was just Chuck Testa with another realistic mount. Straight up ape tits.
by wBrynn November 15, 2011
When you send a text message of random auto-correct words. Using two fingers, type random letters on an iphone until autocorrect makes a word. Then a space must be made to start a new word. A word can be re-started if no correction is offered.
(These names were invented with autocorrexting.)

Rowland Chairlift: "Cindy brings Jordan brunch"
Legs McGraw: "Rocket gospel soaked godsend"
Boots McJob: "Baring Vatican ovary"
Mugs McClain: "Overthrust effects uterus"
Bummer Dewy: "Gherkin coffin"
Keri McCray: "Forked towels"
Seahorse Castro: "Guido scene deleted"
by wBrynn November 20, 2011