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Aoshi Shinomori- (see bishounen )former leader of the Oniwabanshuu. Got appointed as leader when he was 15. Comrades got killed by his ex "boss", Kanryu. Then he went all mad and insane and swore to get the title of strongest for his dead friends by killing Kenshin.

He took care of Misao, and Misao has fallen deeply in love with him, searching all of Japan whenever she heard a rumor about him and the rest of the Oniwaban.

Near the end of the anime, There's one episode (89) which is very MisAoshi, and has fangirls everywhere screaming. including me.
Aoshi and Misao are so cute together, ne?
by Kirin August 17, 2004
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Although it's the name of a character in some anime, Aoshi is also used to describe a person who has an overwhelming obsession over penises online.
Person1: 8===D
Person2: Stop being such an Aoshi, you raging homosexual!
by H00chymama January 08, 2008
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The act of tieing another male up, gagging and commiting sexual acts to him.
Last night Mercer tied manatoo to his bed post and got out a purple dildo and a vibrator, he's such a aoshi
by I love Marianne May 22, 2009
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