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Just like anyway, but when something you just talked about was homosexual or retarded.
"I loooooove cock," said Brian.
"anygay," said David.
by bebeloved October 30, 2009
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Usually phrased as a rhetorical question to sugest that there is infact, behaviour or banter that is socially unacceptable.
If others agree that the person does infact deserves this remark they will respond; "Many Gays"
Will: "No, Valerie's Sung by Amy Winehouse"
Beno: "Yer, But its done by Mark Ronson"
Will: "Er, No"
Birksy :"Alright, Chill out Will"
Lil P :"God... Any Gays?"
Chorus :"Many Gays!"
by Birksy April 20, 2008
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You can use this word for many things, for example when your convo is dry af just use the word ā€œanygaysā€ and it makes it non dry. for example when i was talking to Valentina.
Valentina: um idk

by Anygays January 24, 2019
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Anygays an adverb, used by a gay person. To confirm a point or idea. Created by an Lgbtq Queen and taken by a majestic man bun
Angays, Iā€™m on my way to snatch your wig
Anygays an adverb, used by a gay person.
by Snatchedpedro August 02, 2018
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