1. Nepalese word for ultra cool, rad, awesome, stud etc.
2. Alpha-Male.

3. The Nepalese version of "Chuck Norris".
I want to be Anup, I want to be the alpha-male.
cool awesome rad stud alpha-male chuck norris
by Alex-Very February 06, 2010
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A prenup that includes allowance or disallowance of anal sex.
I heard Sarah's husband made her sign an anup before they got married, saying she must give up the backdoor at least once a month.
by peppupipi August 14, 2010
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A macho male who likes to pick up young girls by playing volleyball. His favourite sabji is gobi and he likes to drink cha.
Anup: mmm gobi is sooo good
by surrey*slut December 04, 2007
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A jatt who owns a farm in Chandugar and home town is the pind
by Jatt July 03, 2003
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In Nepali:-Khatam keta
In Hindi:- kamina ladka
In English:- useless boy
Anup:- those boy who don’t have anything to do. Just watching porn movies.
by Kunai0056 April 22, 2019
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