Antia is a wonderful person but she can’t keep her hands of people. She is always happy. All you want to do is hug her but if you get on her nerves you are so dead.
I bet your girlfriend isnt like my antia
by Aveyh February 21, 2019
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It is a common female name in Spain. Those called Antia are usually very sexy women. Not only are they gorgeous, chances are they will probably be the smartest person you'll meet. They are also very powerful, driven people and if you don give them what they want, they are going to take it.
My wife's name is Antia .
by Manubelloxxx December 24, 2017
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Antia is a gorgeous and hard working girl. She has a deep connection with nature and the ocean. Antia is extremely smart and will do anything to achieve her ambitions. Antia is very proud and will anything before seeking help. If you get her mad then you better run for she is fierce and dangerous. Antia is extremely loyal and the best friend you could ever have.

Antia also has a lot of crackhead energy and will often attempt crazy stunts. To put all this energy into use Antia will often practice sports. An Antia is the best person that could ever exist and you should fight to keep her in your life.
Look at Antia she is both beautiful and smart
by Anonymous squirrel 123 July 22, 2020
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The best person ever
Antia is a literal Queen, she’s the best and super supportive. Like if u don’t like someone named Antia, are u even human? Under to go to a mental institution like rn.
B: Antia is there!
S: I literally love her
B: Ikr!
by s1mpingfor._j4cob January 30, 2022
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