Probably the longest meaningful word in English. Signifies the movement against the separation of church and state.
Fundamentalist Christians are anti-disestablishmentarianists.
by PoopyPoo November 8, 2004
A person who is against the diss-establishment of the Church of England
"I do not wish you to close all the churches"
by Deathflid February 21, 2004
It is the word that you clicked on when you were looking for the definition of Wikipedia, you are not the only one to click it.
Hmm, I wonder what anti-disestablishmentarianism means *clicks it* oh...
by Nekorium Chrisium November 27, 2022
Idk what it means but its a long word.
"What does anti-disestablishmentarianism mean?"
"Idk what it means but its a long word."
by DimmyJonaldsson October 3, 2022
anti-disestablishmentarianism is supported by most elders.
by CrazyAnarchistX March 7, 2004