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The nickname given to the scandal surrounding the release of Apple's iPhone 4 in June 2010, and the alleged reception issues that arose from holding the phone the 'wrong way'.

Shortly after thousands of iSheeps complained about the problem, Steve Jobs responded by offering all iPhone 4 users a free carry case, and also accusing virtually every major mobile phone manufacturer of making phones with poor signal as well, and that 'Antennagate' was not unique to Apple.

These manufacturers, including Nokia, HTC, RIM (Blackberry) and Samsung refuted these claims, and told Apple to go fuck themselves.

Meanwhile iPhone 4 owners still believe they own the coolest gadget on earth, despite the fact that once they pick the phone up they lose the ability to call/text anybody, and are already eagerly waiting the release of iPhone 5.
First there was Sachsgate, then Bloodgate, and now Antennagate.
by aflex22 July 19, 2010
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Something that happens when you grab a phone the wrong way which screws up your signal. Most prominent occurrence in the iPhone 4 failure.
Steve Jobs says antennagate happens to every phone to shift blame to the whole cellphone industry
by TheMpyr July 17, 2010
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A term Apple CEO Steve Jobs coined that refers to the whole iPhone 4 antenna/reception issues saga that has been seriously blown out of proportions by something known as the Android media. When the certain phone is held in a certain way that bridges the connection of the lower-left iPhone antenna, both signal strength and reception quality is dramatically lost, at an average loss of -24dB.

This issue also happens with every other cell phone ever made, except ignorant companies like HTC, Nokia, and RIM have defended Apple's claim. That's why they ask themselves why their phones aren't the ones people want.
Android owner: "You own an iPhone 4. How are the Antennagate bars going along?"
iPhone owner: "They come and go, but never have I experienced a dropped call since owning it."
Android owner: "That's not what I've been hearing lately from all of this Antennagate."
iPhone owner: "Get your head out of your ass, troll."
by AlnAndr July 22, 2010
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A problem that only iPhones currently get. Although Steve Jobs has incorrectly informed customers that the antennagate problem also occurs on other smart phones. The solution to the antennagate problem is to use a case or to cover the area.
Antennagate -- that doesn't seem like a good thing if you can make the bars go down by touching the phone.
by Crazyiom July 20, 2010
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