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A term Apple CEO Steve Jobs coined that refers to the whole iPhone 4 antenna/reception issues saga that has been seriously blown out of proportions by something known as the Android media. When the certain phone is held in a certain way that bridges the connection of the lower-left iPhone antenna, both signal strength and reception quality is dramatically lost, at an average loss of -24dB.

This issue also happens with every other cell phone ever made, except ignorant companies like HTC, Nokia, and RIM have defended Apple's claim. That's why they ask themselves why their phones aren't the ones people want.
Android owner: "You own an iPhone 4. How are the Antennagate bars going along?"
iPhone owner: "They come and go, but never have I experienced a dropped call since owning it."
Android owner: "That's not what I've been hearing lately from all of this Antennagate."
iPhone owner: "Get your head out of your ass, troll."
by AlnAndr July 23, 2010
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The pioneer ingredient that began the philosophy of corporations "saving money and cutting costs" in the United States of America beginning in the 1970s that led to an increase and creation of certain medical conditions (such as obesity, diabetes, and cancer), artificial preservatives and genetically modified pesticides, mass production, and a conversion to food processing that aims to completely replace and dismiss subsistence farming.

High Fructose Corn Syrup (abbreviated HFCS), first became notoriously famous for it's replacement of Pure Cane Sugar in Coca-Cola, often thought of as a conspiracy that occurred with the release of the epic fail product New Coke in 1985.

Today, High Fructose Corn Syrup is used primarily in junk food, fast food, processed meals, sodas, juices, and even food items where sweeteners aren't needed. While some grocers and companies have began reverting back to the use of Pure Cane Sugar, High Fructose Corn Syrup is still a monopoly and a dominant ingredient in the American food culture.

Did I mention that it's banned in most countries around the world?
Waiter: What would you like to drink?
Foreign Tourist 1: I would like Coca-Cola please.
Foreign Tourist 2: Don't. Coca-Cola in the US is made with high fructose corn syrup. I brought some Mexican Coke for us to drink with our meals, made with pure cane sugar.
Foreign Tourist 1: Fantastic.
Waiter: Want to order a starter/appetizer?
by AlnAndr August 22, 2010
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