A "disease" that some people worship, some people dispise, and some people think that they didn't do it to themselves. It's where you eat and puke, and repeat. Until you're dead. :) End of definition. Synonyms for the affected victims include fucked-up, loser, poser, dumbass, and stupid.
I am anorexic so my supposedly gay friend will fall in love with me and my gorgeous hideously skinny body.
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Something I find to be very funny for some reason. I don't fell the slightest bit sorry for anyone anorexic.
Your anorexic? Hahahahahahahahahaahah! I hope you die!

Anorexia is another word for flat tire.
by supreme1234567890 March 15, 2007
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when ya go pig out on sum grub and then throw it up later
the anorexic dude threw up his shit sandwich two hours after eating it
by j4x0r March 25, 2003
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Made up disease by doctors and psychologist for people who make themselves puke to create a artificial view of themselves being "fit" or to "fit in". Also known as retardation.
That girl thinks shes gonna look better by having anorexia, but she is just a retard.
by Unr3al February 03, 2013
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a habit of not eating. it can be addictive and hard to recover from. people with this are often exhausted.
my anorexia broke my leg
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by tenoclockicypop January 07, 2018
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