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proper noun. a very passionate beautiful and graceful young woman in her teens who seeks independence and has a strong will for rebellious behavior to authorities such as parents, who also has a natural talent of making people feel good about themselves and have a good time
Annalee is a person who attends school with me and is very awesome (my sister :D)
by lil bro December 11, 2007
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An annalee is a girl who makes really good food and who is always trying to find a job but she can't. Sometimes she is mistaken for a mexican, somtimes a arab, and sometimes a persian. She is short and is attractive to almost any male person from any race.
Males: Let's go hang out at the hot tub.

(suddently they see an Annalee sitting in the hot tub)

Males: hey, hi, hola, hello, sawtedkrop, buenos

Annalee: I am fully awesome!
by Bouks February 04, 2010
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A bomb as bitch with great hair. She has legs for days and a bitchin ass smile that has guys obsessed with her. She is an amazing roommate and best friend. If you find an Annalee don’t let her go cause she’s one in a million and am so sad not to live with her next year:,(.
Annalee is my ride or die.
by Aces28 May 15, 2018
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Annalee is a girl who is a pretty girl and all the boys love her. she is famous and she has amazing friends.She will always stand up for her closed friends.If you find an annalee but let her go you will regret it!!!
DONT LET HER GO she is someone who will always be there #Annalee
by Flash and wheels August 11, 2019
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Anna Lee. she’s so pretty. cute. and nice. she’ll treat you like the whole world. she will make you laugh, cry, and smile. she makes you feel like the world. they tell you that you’re worth living. that they love you. and will love you forever. they’re the best, best friend. if you don’t have an anna lee as a best friend. IM SORRY. even when they’re sick. they will still focus on you. and make sure that there best friend is feeling good. they worry about you. they make you feel loved. if you’re crying they’ll make long paragraphs to make you feel okay and fine. they’re extraordinarily, they are super extra extra extra. they’re goofy and weird ashhh. but just know if you don’t have an anna lee as your best friend. i’m sorry...
y/n~ bro stop with your hair
via giphy
by your girl bangtan August 18, 2019
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