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A group of individuals creating a movement, or revolution on the website WorldstarHipHop's comment section. While owning the comment section of every video Worldstar puts up, they create Anime inspired usernames and avatars and address each other by yelling (or typing) the words "squad" or "as." This squad is far more superior than the Dislike Squad, WWE Squad, Marvel Squad, and the short lived Transformer Squad.
King_Piccolo: Anime squad runs the Worldstar comments. Squad!!

KrillTrill: Get wit it or get lost bitch. Before I hit you with this burner. Anime squad!!

SteadyMobbin: Squad here to stay!!

Ichigo Kurosaki: Squuuuaaaaddd!!
by KingPiccolo November 14, 2013
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A group of of individuals Who created a revolution on worldstarhiphop by snatching the comment section up with a quick hostile takeover . superior than the other squads completely destroying weak troll squads on sight. they rep the squad by typing "Squad "or "As". Currently run worldstarhiphop after taking it "on some bully like shit". All members have anime/manga inspired profiles. unlike the other squads that were on wshh the Anime squad aren't really trolls and sometimes act as moderators. notable victims : dislike squad, marvel universe, squirtle squad. the squad also has many admirers and haters.

Anime Squad some bad motherfuckers - Shaft

all you talk about is the squad, so how you feel? bitch we own you and your thoughts
by Yoko kurama November 15, 2013
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