An animated version of a storyboard to perfect the timing of the movie during pre-production.
I will need the animatic finished by tomorrow.
by Sanbodie January 5, 2014
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something that can be animated
dude, that picture is like totally animatable. (in after effects)
by micromes March 16, 2010
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The act of mastrubation with high velocity repeated hand movements at the rate of 24/second. (Just like standard animated films). At this rate, hand movements become extremely blurry and hard to distinguish from a simple untrained eye.

The upgraded version is the cinematic fap with the rate of 60fps (faps per second). It is only achievable by masters and simple humans have no hope to compete with them.
He has achieved an animatic fap. We have no hope to compare with him.
by Don't Stop Me Now October 30, 2019
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