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also animbate
short for anime masturbate
to masturbate while looking at anime porn (hentai or sexualy explicit manga)
#1 Historically preg hoes was my favorite porn site, but lately I've been anibating a lot.

Mrs. Mcarson: Good job in class today Frank.
Tony: Shut the fuck up bitch he doesn't need your shit he was so high he forgot he hates your transexual cock shut ass cunt and he studied by accident fucker
Mrs. Mcarson: Excuse me Anthony I think that Frank can speak for himself and that you need to go see the prinicple because that tirade-
Frank: shut the fuck up you whore Tons had it right you bitch you have a cock and a pussy if you were the champion dick sucker of the world id still rather anibate like a fucking loser with no life than get head from you stop molesting me before i come into your house at night and anibate onto every lamp in that mother fucker
Tony: yeah we have the flashlight, the hand lotion, and three copies of "Hottails Extreme" that we stole from some nerd we killed
(gun shots)
(Mrs. Mcarson quietly groans as she dies)
by Beeee Eeeasy Buoyyyeee!! January 21, 2008
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