when a woman is giving a man head, he pulls out, and nuts in her eye. Upon doing this, she will let out some sort of grunt of disapproval, and at this point he kicks her in the shin. This poor girl, being pissed and hurt, will hobble after your laughing ass.
dude,i gave your sister an angry pirate, and thats why she's limping a little...(don't ask why she's walking like she has a stick up her ass... thats a whole different story dude.)
by j money May 17, 2004
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When a man (or even woman in some cases) is recieving oral sex and pulls out of their partners mouth, only to ejaculate into their eye. The reciepient of the ejaculation will then stand up and cover their eye with their hand. During this, the opposite partner will then kick their now sightless partner and run off like a wuss as the poor cripple hobbles after them.
Last night my boyfriend thought he'd be a punk smart-ass and give me an angry pirate. That pussy ran off like a little girl and you know I chased after him. I caught his goddamn ass and kicked him in the nuts, so now he's chained up in my basement.

~FYI: True story.~
by Lori-SPED May 14, 2007
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Angry Pirate- is when you cum in someones eye and kick them in the shin making them hold there eye and hop around on one foot saying "Arrrh!" Just like an angry pirate LoL
by James P. Owens August 10, 2006
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The act of kicking a girl in the shin and then when she turns around to see what happened you squirt in her eye so she is limping and can't see in one eye.
Damn dude, last night i pulled an angry pirate on jill and she got PISSED!!!
by Greg Trzyna March 08, 2008
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To ejaculate in one's eye and simultaneously stomp on their foot. The subject will hop on one leg covering their eye saying "Arrgh"
I picked up a hussy last night and gave her the ole angry pirate.
by Sai H. January 27, 2007
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when a girl/guy is suckin u off and b4 u busts in their mouth u pull it out and get them in the eye, then u kick out their knee or shin so they hop and get pissd. they may also make angry noises
Travis Kaiser was suckin off his boyfriend Chris and Chirs pull out his Penis and shot Travis in the eye and then kickd him in the shin. Travis then started to hop on 1 leg and make grunting noises...huns the angry pirate
by Trevnasty February 12, 2008
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when you are getting a blowjob and pull your dick out of her mouth before you cum and jab her in the eye with your erect cock. while she is in pain you jizz on her face, futher pissing her off to where she grunts like a pirate.
did you see your moms black eye? yea, i gave her an angry pirate last night.
by Byrdman2330 July 21, 2010
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